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initial test

Before you dive in and start the two hundred squats program, you should:

The test will highlight your current fitness level and determine where to start and how to plan your squats training program.

initial test: the road to two hundred squats
Age under 30 years 30 - 39 years 40 and over
Rank *
number of squats performed
excellent over 49 over 41 over 31
very good 44 - 49 36 - 41 26 - 31
good 36 - 43 28 - 35 20 - 25
average 26 - 35 19 - 27 15 - 19
poor 0 - 25 0 - 18 0 - 14

To perform the test, simply execute as many good-form squats as you can. Don't cut corners and please don't cheat - the last thing you want to do is end up in the wrong level of the training program! The results may be humbling, but trust me, honesty is the best policy if you want to maximize your core strength gains!

Note: Please don't push through the pain barrier and reach the point of complete failure. The last thing we need is an injury before even starting the program.

Once you've performed the test, make a note (mental or otherwise) of how many, or how few, squats you were able to perform.

Before starting Week 1, I recommend taking a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the program and recover from the exertion of the initial test. You'll be required to work out three times per week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday worked well for me.

Don't forget how many squats you performed in the test and if you're still keen to improve your core strength and fitness, read on to learn more about the program.

* If you're concerned about your Rank in the extreme left column; there's really no need. The scale of poor to excellent is just an indicator of current fitness, and can be used as a comparison tool between yourself, friends, family & co-workers.

If you're ranked average or poor, please don't get hung up on the numbers or be put off by the label - you'll soon be climbing the ranks and reaching new levels of strength and fitness. Remember, the main aim of the six week program is to establish a regular exercise program and improve your current level of fitness.

Final note: If you're ranked far beyond the range of excellent, maybe you need a tougher plan?!

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